​A new entertainment era for Vietnamese families.

Employing the pioneer technology for song search by voice-command which is the first and only in Vietnam, HANET Karaoke PlayX One is the ​ultimate gadget for a gift and totally unique for carrying duo functions: modern VOD Karaoke for family and multimedia entertainment.

Voice Remote

Search for songs by your own voice​

With the latest voice-command song search (*)​​ in the market, PlayX One helps you select your favorite song easily with only one command. All you have to do is "say", and your song of choice is quickly added into the playing list.

* PlayX One is able to recognize voices of different regional dialects most accurately.

No Limits.

​Enormous online music store​

Superior to regular products, PlayX One has been upgraded with cloud storage function, which enables an enormous and unlimited online song storage, always available for your most exciting entertainment.

On average, more than 100 songs are updated online and free of charge after every 2 weeks.​

Advanced file compressing standard​

Maximizing storage space​.

With the newest H.265/HEVC compressing standard, exclusively applied for karaoke, PlayX One can optimize the hard drive’s capacity thoroughly, helping you keep the largest number of your favorite songs for your family with the minimum of hard disk’s memory.

In addition, the H.265/HEVC helps ensure HD quality for the free online video music store, even in slow internet connection.

Understand what you want

Portraying user’s personalities

From specialized analytical math protocols that are based on user’s experience, PlayX One could suggest songs according to one’s preferences for a customized experience. Moreover, you will be connected and updated with current trends of the karaoke community while using the product.

Multimedia entertainment

Design your family’s “Play”

Screen-Cast is integrated at stand-by mode, allowing you to transfer content from your mobile phone or tablet onto TV screen immediately for sharing with your entire family.

PlayX One is perfectly compatible and can smoothly operate the popular applications such as YouTube, Zing TV, FPT Play, movie app FHD 1080p, games, music player, web browsers…all in one perfect device.


Processor: Quad-Core

Memory: 1GB RAM, 8GB ROM

Hard drive: HDD 1TB (up to 4TB)

Operating System: Android 4.4

Connectivity: HDMI, 2 x USB 2.0, Score, Video & RCA, Optical, Wi-Fi, LAN, BT 4.0

4.290.000 VNĐ

The product kit includes